lunes, 30 de noviembre de 2015

Never lose the way

Be careful
 to lose
 the way to yourself.

Shihab al-Din Yahya Suhrawardi

Seeking you too

In love’s meeting place,
 on the very first day,
a person of heart
spoke with true promise:

 O Seeker!
Don’t seek out anyone
 who’s looking
 for someone
 who’s other than you—

 Seek out that one
 who is seeking you too.

Talib Jajarami

Life's Flame

 Love is a source of many great troubles.

But lacking love
 is a disgrace
 for travelers upon this path.

Love is the life force of the entire universe—
 those who lack love
are already dead.

Awhad al-Din Kirmani
Not a single soul lacks
a pathway to you.

There’s no stone,
 no flower—
not a single piece of straw—
lacking your existence.

In every particle of the world,
the moon of your love
 causes the heart
of each atom to glow.

Muhammad Shirin Maghribi

Seeking your trace

Thanks to you
I’m seeking
the soul of the world.

Bewildered, perplexed—
I seek your presence
 in every place.

 Now that you’ve made
 a home in my heart,

I’m seeking
your trace
 in every space.

Fakhr al-Din 'Iraqi

That which frees you

The bird that sings
 pain’s song
 is love.

 The messenger skilled
 in the language
 of the unseen world
 is love.

 It is love that speaks to you,
calling you beyond the limits
of this created realm.

That which frees you
 from your tiny self
also is love.

Khaqani Shirwani


 Those who went the way
 of reason and logic—

And those who mimicked
 the conventions of learning,
the dogmas of faith—

They never came to know
the secrets of existence.

They became perplexed
 in the world
 and left perplexed too.

Safi 'Ali Shah
I never really cared for the things of this world.
 It was the glow of your presence
 that filled it with beauty.